GelCrush is the name of a project that I intended to keep using whenever doing community-related endeavors or curating group shows/projects.

The gallery space itself was in the shed of a house I was renting at the time, but GelCrush Gallery referred to my garage/shed/backyard as a usable space for artists who were either underrepresented in the DFW "art scene", didn't have "formal artist training", didn't have a "degree in art", or some combination of those. There were two performances, free food (ceviche cooked by my partner Adriana, who also DJ'd in between performances), vendors, a local survivor org raising money for someone looking for housing, a stick 'n' poke booth, and a lot more people than I had expected.

Unfortunately I was unable to take many pictures, but hopefully these will paint some sort of picture of what we were showing. The opening took place in September of 2018 and the show stayed up for about a month, allowing people to come look at it when scheduled. A closing reception with a scheduled artist talk/Q & A session was planned, but unfortunately had to be cancelled. Other things (photoshoots, solo shows) had been planned for 2019, but due to interpersonal issues and shifting my focus to transitioning (starting hormones and trying to stay sane whilst doing so), these were unable to come to fruition.

Although this project has been on hiatus since 2019, I hope to revive and reconstruct it from the ground up whenever the time feels right. I have love for all the artists who were a part of this. Each image of a piece will have the artist's name and info below, if applicable.

^ video by Adriana Valls

^ piece by Durazno Rebeca Renteria

^ collab between Durazno Rebeca Renteria and Ezra

^ small vitrine sculpture by Chris

^ above and below by Kelechi

^ above and below by Adrianna

^ above and below by Nancy

^ above and below by Digital Excreta

tiny cabinet and fish tanks above and below by Garol Greengrass

^ performance by Voicemail - (Kelechi, Amy, and Eric)


^ Mel Bradley's ceramics

^ Digital Excreta prints

^ Durazno jewelry

^ Ezra'sstick 'n' poke station

^ fundraising

The gallery at night: